Alliance for the Future

The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed. (William Gibson)


Towards a Society for the Future

Human civilization finds itself in a historical Great Transition. The modern era is coming to an end. We are facing unprecedented challenges, but also huge opportunities. In the shadow of the last attempts of doing business as usual, of solving piled-up problems with the same approaches that have created them in the first place, there is a boost of creativity. In mostly small intiatives a world that we really want is imagined, conceived and co-created. In these yet little noticed contexts, the future is already here.

The Alliance for the Future is a federation of such small but powerful and innovative initiatives and organisations. They act as dedicated transformation catalysts, either in a particular location, or in a specific domain (e.g. education, research, business, community development). The main purpose of the Alliance for the Future is to synergise complementary strengths of its members and partners with the goal to reach the threshold of whole system innovation. In particular, the Alliance targets the implementation of showcases of local integrative development spurred by a new model of higher education, a University for the Future.